Apple is increasing its security for applications downloaded from the internet which will affect the Taopix Desktop Designer.


The new feature that will be released by Apple, called App Translocation (Gatekeeper path randomisation), will affect many other applications as well as Taopix. The result of the changes means every Taopix Desktop Designer version from 2016r2 and earlier will not install on the macOS 10.12 operating system.
The following error will appear when any customer running macOS 10.12 attempts to install and run a Taopix Desktop Designer version earlier than 2016r3
NOTE: This only affects new installations of the Taopix Desktop Designer on macOS 10.12. If Taopix Desktop Designer is already installed and the customer upgrades to macOS 10.12, the software will continue to run as normal.
The Solution
Taopix Installer Maker must now code sign both the application and the Installer Disk Image.


To pass Apple security checks, the code signing must be configured on a Mac running OS X 10.11.5 or later.



Taopix licensees must:
Upgrade to Taopix version 2016r3 at the earliest opportunity
Rebuild all Taopix Desktop Designer Installers for all brands using 2016r3 Installer Maker and on a Mac running OS X 10.11.5 or later
Create Auto Update packages using 2016r3 to update
existing customers to the latest Desktop Designer version
Failure to update Taopix installers will result in the Taopix Desktop Designer failing to install for any customer running macOS 10.12. This does not affect Windows users.